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Intuitive counselling is a professional session designed to help you get through any critical issues you are facing.  It is about helping you to create more clarity, love and happiness.  This service is about improving any area of your life – your relationships, career, health, finances, or your personal growth.

My training in social work is blended with my natural intuitive abilities to provide a unique experience for my clients.  Within your individual counselling session, I use my empathic, intuitive skills to guide you towards your Highest Vision and to empower you to create conscious expressions of love, joy and compassion.  As an empath, I connect with your feelings, thoughts, fears, beliefs and your soul’s wish, where I can facilitate your awareness of your choices in life, assisting you in moving toward a place of love instead of fear.  This gives you the courage to let go of the pain, struggle and fears that are prohibiting you from expressing your best possible reality. 

Each session is unique to the individual, taking into consideration and addressing the alignment of mind, body and spirit.  I may use a combination of techniques and strategies for healing to occur, including talk therapy, energy work, meditation, angel guidance and intuitive readings.  I may also incorporate additional tools such as angel tarot cards, pendulums, crystals and essential oils.  This combination is what makes this type of counselling so powerful, healing and effective.

Most people feel a sense of clarity, enlightenment, acceptance, understanding, relief, empowerment and confidence after one or more sessions.  Please contact me if you are struggling, feeling overwhelmed, or “stuck” for your in-person or telephone session.  You deserve peace, contentment and a sense of purpose and meaning.

Clearing Cords and Attachments

Whenever there is an exchange of energy, cords and attachments are formed.  A cord is the energetic link between people as well as with places, animals and emotional experiences.  Positive cords are heart to heart connections which transmit love, healing energy and support.  Cords become problematic when the energetic exchange does not serve your highest and best good; when they drain your energy and your resources.  They also take up a lot of energy as you will work hard to push whatever’s on the other end away or to avoid it.

Unhealthy cords and attachments need to be severed.  Signs that you may have unhelpful cords and attachments include feeling drained, tired or lethargic, becoming stuck in a repetitive pattern of relating to people, situations or places, struggling to differentiate yourself from the other energy (person), feeling trapped, entangled or ensnared, being unsuccessful in attempts to end the relationship and the relationship is negatively impacting other areas of your life.